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Running Rehabilitation Program and Video Gait Analysis

The AAMG Physical Therapy running program is focused on keeping you on the road or getting your back on the road whether you are a marathoner, sprinter or 5k enthusiast. Our physical therapists are specially trained through the Healthy Running program to assess runners from top to bottom and to further assess running form.

What to Expect From the Running Program

Be prepared to answer questions about your training: mileage, goals, frequency, prior injuries and rehab experiences. Your therapist will take you through a dynamic assessment, strength and joint range-of-motion assessment to be sure you have the requisite stability and mobility to return to running. Shoe wear and fit will also be assessed.

The video gait analysis is also part of the evaluation. We use Coach’s Eye to help capture the video, slow it down and analyze it in real time frame by frame.

By watching your running form and comparing it to normative values, we can truly assess if you are running with good mechanics.

We also offer a Sports Group twice a week.

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