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PT360 Home Therapy

Call to request an appointment at 410-553-3515.

PT360 Home Therapy offers in-home physical therapy evaluations to improve your home set-up. Evaluations also provide stair and transfer training (car, bed and chair) so you are comfortable and safe in your home.

What to Expect From In-home Physical Therapy

Our standard evaluation includes range-of-motion and strength measurements. We watch how you walk and your ability to climb stairs. We will talk about your overall function.

We look at how your home is set up. We make suggestions for improvements, which may include removing clutter, moving rugs to prevent tripping and spacing out furniture to help you move around with a walker.

We recommend more resources you may need if you have surgery, such as canes, walkers and means for transportation.

After your evaluation, we may show you exercises to perform daily to maximize your strength and range of motion. We may also suggest you continue to attend outpatient physical therapy.

We help you learn to use assistive devices to manage weight-bearing restrictions after an injury or surgery.

What to have before the evaluation:

  • Completed patient paperwork
  • Insurance card and driver’s license/picture ID
  • Pets secured for the safety of the therapist

For joint and spine patients, please ask your coach to attend this visit with you.

In-home Physical Therapy Service Area

PT360 in-home physical therapy serves Anne Arundel County, Queen Anne’s County, northern Calvert County, eastern Prince George’s County, Dorchester County and Talbot County.

Request an Appointment

To request an appointment with our PT360 team, please call 410-553-3515 or fill out the form below.

Call to request an appointment at 410‑553‑3515.