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Neurological Rehabilitation

Having a cognitive or neurological disorder may affect your speech, language, thought process and mobility. It can be difficult for you to socialize or complete daily tasks.

Neurological disorders result from diseases such as:

A team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists can help you. We also offer a monthly Stroke Support Group.

What to Expect from Neurological Rehabilitation

Physical therapy: Conventional physical therapy for cognitive and neurologic disorders treats balance, strength, gait, posture, coordination and other impairments. We also provide wheelchair evaluations.  

Physical therapy can help:

  • Improve your mobility, including walking, navigating stairs, and transferring in and out of bed or a chair
  • Teach you to change your surroundings to make it easier and safer to move around
  • Decrease your risk of falling

Our team helps address your mobility needs and helps you with daily activities. This helps you become more independent and get back to your previous activities.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy (OT) helps you take part in meaningful, everyday activities. Many who have neurological conditions experience changes that impact physical, cognitive and emotional abilities. It can stop you from independently taking part in your home, work, school and community.

OT services may:

  • Address weakness, sensory loss, and cognitive and visual impairments that limit your daily activities
  • Train you in self-care, like dressing and bathing, and home management skills, like cooking and cleaning. We show you how to use equipment and techniques to increase your safety and independence at home
  • Study your work-related tasks to recommend changes that help you return to the workplace
  • Suggest ways to help you get back into the community by assessing transportation and moving around easier
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices and routines to help you prevent further complications and maintain your independence
  • Teach caregivers and family members to care for your loved ones and prevent burn-out

Speech-language therapy: Our outpatient rehab speech-language pathologists work with a wide variety of patients, including stroke, traumatic brain injury or neurological disorder (Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, MS, etc.). Our speech-language pathologists treat a wide variety of disorders, including stroke, traumatic brain injury and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, ALS and multiple sclerosis.

We provide evaluation and treatment for:

  • Attention
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Memory
  • Organizational skills
  • Swallowing
  • Visual and spatial skills
  • Voice

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