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Joint Replacement Program

You have made a big decision to improve your quality of life by having either a hip or knee joint replacement. You can help achieve your goals with physical therapy. Physical therapy guides you through a safe and effective exercise regime.

What Is the Joint Replacement Program?

Patients receive personalized care alongside other patients who have had a hip or knee replacement. Research shows that patients who rehab in a group-based setting after knee replacement surgery have less pain. They also show greater range of motion and quadriceps strength gains than those who went through traditional rehabilitation. (Himaya et al. 2006)

Patients receive one-on-one hands-on treatment from a therapist who specializes in treating hip and knee replacement rehabilitation. Therapists also specialize in instructions after surgery regarding wound care, precautions, rehabilitation guidelines and a return to activity.

We also offer a Total Hip Replacement Group that meets twice a week and a Total Knee Replacement Group that meets three times a week.

What to Expect From the Joint Replacement Program

  • Consistent appointment time with consistent rehabilitation team allowing for close supervision of your progress
  • Two-hour appointment window allows plenty of time for specialized exercises, manual therapy such as soft tissue or joint mobilization, rest breaks as needed, and heat and/or ice. After a knee replacement in particular, the extra time is helpful to avoid stiffness of the knee joint. Leave when your therapy is complete even if it’s before the two-hour window.
  • Meet three times a week for a knee replacement, and two times a week for a hip replacement. The therapist will customize your plan based on your first appointment evaluation. He or she will adjust frequency of visits as needed.
  • Group setting offers support from peers who have had similar surgery. It also offers socialization while you are recovering and not able to get out much for first one or two months after surgery.

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