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Golf Swing Assessment

Almost any golf player could use another eye on their swing. Our golf assessment is great for determining why a golfer may have pain. It can also make sure that someone returning to golf will not hurt himself. If you think you may be doing something that is slowing down your drive, schedule an appointment. Ignoring these problems may lead to pain later on.

What is a Golf Assessment?

A sports physical therapist uses video analysis to screen your golf swing. We film your swing from the left, right and front, and then analyze in slow motion. We look at little things like club length, distance from golf ball and set up. We then go deeper into each phase of the golf swing and look for movement deviations.

After completing the film analysis, the therapist examines musculoskeletal regions related to a movement deviation to determine the cause. That could be decreased mobility, strength, poor coordination or a combination of the three. We build a personalized exercise program to fix the deviation.

After we fix the issue, we analyze the swing again for other deviations.

What to Expect from a Golf Assessment

We ask you to bring a pair of shorts, athletic shoes and your driver to the initial visit. The initial visit should last about 45 minutes with the physical therapist.

It starts with an interview to discuss health conditions, history of pain, and golf and exercise habits. We then film your golf swing and briefly analyze. After that, we provide a personalized home exercise program.

If necessary, further visits focus on fixing deviations we find in future video analysis.

We also offer a Sports Group twice a week.


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