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Fall Prevention

As you get older, physical changes, health conditions or even medications you take can cause a greater risk of falling. AAMG Physical Therapy offers fall prevention evaluations to assess your balance and risk for falls. We help you develop a personalized exercise routine to help.

Fall Prevention Tips

If you are at risk, consider these fall prevention tips:

  1. Exercise. Consider a physical therapy evaluation to assess your balance and risk for falls. The physical therapist can also help you develop a customized exercise routine.
  2. Medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medications to see if any of them increase your risk for falls.
  3. Vision. Ask a doctor to check your vision every year. If you wear glasses, keep them clean.
  4. Changes at home. Make small changes around your home to decrease tripping and fall hazards:
  • Get rid of clutter and trip hazards from floors
  • Repair loose floorboards
  • Secure rugs to the floor or remove them
  • Keep areas where you walk well lit, especially at night. Add night lights to your bathroom and bedroom
  • Install grab bars in your bathroom and shower
  • Consider using a tub bench so that you can sit down while you shower
  • Hold onto railings when you go up and down stairs
  • Place non-slip mats in bathrooms
  1. Assistive devices. Use an assistive device if you need it. Canes and walkers can allow you to better access the community safely and confidently.

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