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Therapy for Chemo Brain

Cancer-related cognitive impairment refers to problems with memory and/or concentration that patients may experience during and after cancer treatments. You can also call it chemo brain or chemo fog.

Symptoms can be minor or severe. They may go away in time, but can also continue for many years.

Chemo brain symptoms include:

  • Trouble remembering names
  • Trouble remembering dates and appointments
  • Trouble multitasking
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Taking longer to complete tasks

Potential causes of chemo brain include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Radiation therapy to the brain
  • Tumors in the brain

What to Expect From Chemo Brain Therapy

As part of chemo brain therapy, a speech language pathologist determines your cognitive functioning. Treatment includes learning exercises to teach your brain to do old tasks in new ways. If you and your provider think cognitive rehabilitation is right for you, ask for a referral for an evaluation with a related diagnostic code such as “memory loss.”

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