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Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, AAMG Physical Therapy is there to help you through your journey. We help you before, during and after your breast cancer treatment to address any number of issues you may experience.

We offer specially trained physical, occupational and speech-language therapists who can address different deficit areas . Plus, we work closely with your care team at The Rebecca Fortney Breast Center at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer

Regular physical activity helps you relieve stress, gain strength, boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel more energized. Your physical therapist explains the benefits of exercise to address de-conditioning, fatigue, quality of life issues and lymphedema. We personalize an exercise program based on your needs and supported by research. A recent study found that women who exercised moderately after a diagnosis of breast cancer had improved survival rates compared with more inactive women.

Occupational Therapy for Breast Cancer

Our occupational therapists provide exercises to increase your fine motor control and normalize sensation dulled by the effects of chemotherapy. We also help increase your independence with tasks like buttoning shirts, typing, writing and tying your shoes, so you can return to your normal activities. Some of our occupational therapists are certified in lymphedema management and can help you treat and understand this condition. We also help you build upper body range of motion and strength.

Speech Therapy for Breast Cancer

Our speech therapists treat the “mental fog” that can sometimes occur when undergoing chemotherapy, known as chemo brain. Chemo brain can create problems with attention and multi-tasking, processing, word retrieval, planning and organizational skills, and memory. We provide you with tools to help you overcome these issues.


What to Expect from Breast Cancer Rehab

  • Individualized home exercise program
  • Address upper body weakness, decreased range of motion or pain
  • A full lymphedema evaluation by a certified lymphedema therapist, if needed
  • Compression bandaging
  • Assessments for pneumatic pumps
  • Referrals for compression garments and prostheses
  • A full evaluation to assess cognition, vision, sensation, range of motion, strength and coordination of affected upper body
  • Help recovering your ability to do normal activities of daily living like dressing, eating, bathing, cleaning and driving
  • Interventions for neuropathy
  • Pain reduction and scar management
  • Supportive therapy through breast cancer treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy
  • Full cognitive assessment

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“I am amazed how beneficial lymphedema therapy was. The outcome was visible and evident that the treatment plan was designed to meet my health condition. I never imagined there was help for edema since I had it for many years. Not only were the benefits physical, but also there were emotional benefits – I love the way my feet, ankles and legs look! Many thanks!”


“I am very thankful for AAMG Physical Therapy. They were so patient with me explaining the different exercises to improve the strength of my arms after my breast surgery. I’m much more flexible, and it has made all the difference in bettering the pain level after surgery. I recommend ALL breast patients receive some sort of physical therapy.”


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