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Balance Dysfunction

There are many causes of balance impairments. As people get older, they can lose strength, sensation and reflexes. This can impair a person’s balance.

Conditions that involve loss of sensation in the feet and ankles can also impact balance. That includes complications with diabetes, stroke or nerve irritation from the back.

Many people rely heavily on their vision for balance. So when you close your eyes, are in a dark room or have visual impairments, this can affect your balance.

The inner ear plays a role in balance. It senses where you are in space. If you lack sensation, strength or vision, your inner ear has to work harder to keep you standing.

What to Expect From Balance Treatment

Some treatments that are included in a comprehensive balance plan are leg and ankle strengthening, vestibular exercises to improve coordination between the eyes and vestibular system, using unstable surfaces to improve balance reactions and a comprehensive home exercise program to help maintain progress made in therapy.

People lose balance, like strength, as they age. The good news you can improve both strength and balance. Learn more about fall prevention, in-home physical therapy and other therapy services for seniors.


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